Today I want to share How I made Fancy Reindeer. I’ve been working on Christmas decorations and one of the last pieces was making little fancy reindeer.

The reindeer started off as Christmas tree ornaments. I knew that these would be perfect for my little scene that I’m making. First thing that needed to be done was cutting off the ornament hanger that was on the back. This was easy enough. Using a pair of needle nose pliers I gently broke the piece off.

How I made Fancy Reindeer

Breaking the piece off of the back left a scar on the reindeer. This wasn’t a pretty site so there needed to be something added to make it look better. So taking a little hot glue I applied a little on the back of the reindeer and then sprinkled fine gold glitter on the back. So that the whole reindeer would match I added glitter on the head of the reindeer too.

How I made Fancy Reindeer

More needed to be added to this little reindeer to transform it into its new fancy self. Digging through my stash I found small jingle bells. These were another perfect addition. Using thin gold metallic ribbon I threaded one jingle bell on the ribbon and then around the neck of the reindeer. Tying a bow fished the look.

Something else was needed on the reindeer. There was a piece of the embossed green Rinea Foil on my desk. Using a holy leaf punch from Punch Bunch I punched a leaf. Using hot glue I placed a leaf just under the bow.

How I made Fancy Reindeer

Again digging through my stash I found red rhinestones and placed one on top of the holy leaf. Now the fancy reindeer was complete. I decided to make two!

How I made Fancy Reindeer

The reindeer are ready for their little home in the Christmas decorations I’ve been making.


Now that you know How I made Fancy Reindeer, will you make some too?

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