The finished Handmade Christmas Display. All of the pieces have been completed and here is the final project.

Handmade Christmas Display


Using an old wooden wine box I painted the inside with white gesso. Glued the painted chipboard trees to the back. Added texture paste and glitter.

Glued the 3D trees in place on the right side with Hot Glue.

Handmade Christmas Display

The Sleigh is glued in place on the right with hot glue. There is just enough space under the sleigh for the controller for the LED lights.

The acrylic reindeer were glued in place using E6000 glue.

Handmade Christmas Display

Once all of the items were glued in place I started winding the lights in place. The LED controller was placed under the sleigh. Stuffing made for toys or pillows I placed tufts here and there to represent snow. There are small fibers in iridescent along the bottom of the display as well.

This display box will have a piece of glass added to it when I can get over to my brothers stained glass shop. The glass will help keep dust out. It will also help with storage so that nothing falls into the box.

On top of the box is a greenery pick from the Christmas decorations department. I placed some of the tiny packages and some of the stuffing inside the greenery.

Handmade Christmas Display

The display turned out just the way I wanted. I love how it looks and I’m glad it is complete. It has inspired me to make other shadow box displays. Looking at boxes in a different way. Now I see boxes and try to see how I can alter them to make a shadow box.

Handmade Christmas Display

Have you made a shadowbox? What kind of items did you put on display? Doing something like this handmade Christmas display would make a great gift. I hope that this post inspires you to create.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Feel free to ask questions. I’m here to help.

Little Video showing all the details.

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