Since Christmas is near time for Red and Gold Gel Printing Play. Making a Christmas Junk Journal for the A Merry Little 31 Days of Journaling in December. Since everyone loved the gel print pages I used in my last journal I decided that I would make more for a new journal.

Red and Gold Gel Printing Play

Red and Gold Gel Printing Play Video.

Supplies used in the Red and Gold Gel Printing Play

Taking the time for Red and Gold Gel Printing Play is so much fun. Don’t think about how it will turn out just play. What is fun about gel printing you can do the same thing and get different results each time.

Red and Gold Gel Printing Play

The colors of the pages are so vivid. I love petting the papers to feel them paint.

Red and Gold Gel Printing Play

One of my favorite things to do is grab a book and rip the pages out and use those on the gel press. The paper turns out so beautiful.

Red and Gold Gel Printing Play

Grab a Gel Press and play. You never know what will happen and you just might make the perfect papers for a junk journal.

Red and Gold Gel Printing Play

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