Cling Mount Stamp Storage Idea. Sharing how I’m storing my cling mounted stamps in the following video. Keep track of the name and brand and be able to see the image quickly.

Cling Mount Stamp Storage Idea Video.

Supplies used for the Cling Mount Stamp Storage Idea.
A great way to store your cling mounted stamps is to create pages that are laminated. For me it was easy to cut up the header cards that came with the stamps. But if you don’t have those, just stamp on white cardstock

Cling Mount Stamp Storage Idea

Use heavy cardstock or layer two sheets so that the foundation is strong enough to hold the stamps. Otherwise your sheet will droop.

I used a heat laminator and 3 mil sheet pouches after I had all the images ready. Then just add the stamps to the back and now you can easily see what the images are and keep track of them.  There have been several times I’ve miss placed a stamp because I didn’t put it back in the right spot. Now I can know if one is missing and find it so it will be stored properly.

Cling Mount Stamp Storage IdeaHow do you store your cling mounted stamps? Will this be something you give a try?

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