In this Tutorial Creating Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds with Book Pages I’ll share how to use book pages and make pretty background papers. Grab a few book pages, some stamps and watercolor paints and play along with me.

Tutorial Creating Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds with Book Pages

Tutorial Creating Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds with Book Pages Video. Will be a Primer video on YouTube, Monday February 5th at 3:45 pm central standard time.

Supplies Used
To begin, select a book page as your base. Using an old gift card (plastic card) swipe white or ivory acrylic craft paint over the entire page. I like to leave a little bit of the text visible, but if your page isn’t very pretty or you don’t like the text, just keep applying paint until it is covered the way you like. Dry the page, either by letting it air dry or use a heat tool.

Tutorial Creating Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds with Book Pages

Select a few stamps that you want to use and create masks. I like to use text weight paper and stamp with Rangers Archival Ink, Jet Black. Flip the paper over and apply Zig Two Way glue. Don’t get to precise applying the glue, you just want some swipes here and there so that it will stick, but not stay stuck on your project. Hint if you get too much glue and it is way too sticky, try pressing the paper to clothing, usually the fuzz on your clothes will attach to the glue and then it won’t be as sticky. Allow the Zig Two Way Glue to air dry, I usually just lay my paper with the glue up for a few minutes while I get ready to do the next step on my project. Fussy cut the images very close to the outside line, in fact if you go just inside that like it will be better. Don’t want the halo affect around your images, so cut close.

In my project I decided to have dragonflies, flowers and leaves. I stamped the dragonflies first as I wanted those to be “on top” of the page.  Once all the dragonflies are stamped, cover with masks. Next stamp the sketched daisy. When needed go ahead and mask the daisies so that you can over lap them. Mask all of the daisies then stamp the leaves. I like to make sure that the stem of the leaves is hidden behind the flowers. Rotate your page or your stamp to get each image where you want them.

Remove all the masks. I store mine on a transparency film (think over head projector film). Sheet protectors or even laminated sheets could also work for storing the masks. I like to keep them as it usually takes a lot of work to create these and I know I’ll use them again later on in my crafting.

Tutorial Creating Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds with Book Pages

If you used my stamps you are allowed to scan the paper you just made and then print and color over and over. You may sell the printed colored paper, but not the digital image. I like to print several and play around with different colors. If you are using an inkjet printer, seal your paper with workable fixative. Then the ink won’t bleed. Or even better if you have a laser printer use that for your prints.

Now here comes the fun part. Grab the watercolor paints and add color to the dragonflies, flowers and leaves. I even added color to the background. I do recommend that you allow each layer of paint to dry, or use a heat tool and manually dry the layers.

Add highlights of the metallic watercolors to give the page a beautiful shimmer. And when you are done, again, if you used my stamps, you can scan the image and print it over and over for your projects. You may sell the newcreated project using the paper, but not the digital images.

Tutorial Creating Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds with Book Pages

Have fun using the Stamped Watercolor Backgrounds in your projects. Please tag me on social media if you use this technique, I would love to see how your page(s) turn out!

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