Today I’m sharing Transforming Book Pages into Decorative Papers. Using several book pages, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Rubber stamps, a stencil and more I show how to transform book pages into decorative papers and create a journal page.

Transforming Book Pages into Decorative Papers

Transforming Book Pages into Decorative Papers Video.

Watch the live premier video at 12:30 pm Central Standard Time, November 19th on YouTube or anytime later as a replay.

Supplies Used for the Transforming Book Pages into Decorative Papers.
To begin Transforming Book Pages into Decorative Papers grab a few book pages. If you want to truly obscure the text on these pages, scrape Ivory Acrylic Craft paint with an old gift card in a thin layer on the page. Allow to dry and then spray with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.


I like to use a variety of book pages for my projects. Especially if the text can be seen on the journal page. Different fonts or even languages are fun.

Stamping on top of a painted book page is a great way to create your own decorative papers. No need for scrapbook or printed papers, create your own.

Embossing powder gives glimmer and texture to the pages. Tip if you have a large stamp that you seem to have problems getting a good image. Leave the stamp image side up and press the paper to the stamp. A brayer will make it even crisper, just don’t allow the paper to move.

Simple stamping on the corner of a plain journal card is a nice touch. These journal cards don’t have to have a ton of layers on them. Make it easy and pretty.

Have you ever stamped a saying and it wasn’t straight on your paper? Well just tear around the text, that will cover up that it wasn’t straight.

Add digital images or printed ephemera to your page for variety.

Stenciling over the painted page gives added color and texture to the page. Below in the center the page was painted Ivory, sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Stenciled with the December 2020 Artistic Stencil club and then stamped with the Leafy Branch.

What I like about doing all of these techniques is you can have a beautiful page and keep the layers somewhat thin. No need to have super bulky pages.

Experiment with book pages and see how easy Transforming Book Pages into Decorative Papers are to create!

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