Sharing a Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial. I know long title. But I wanted to get all the info in there! lol In this tutorial I’ll show how to paint book pages and then create an envelope pocket that can be used in a junk journal or given as a gift.

This is the inspiration for the June 2022 Challenge inside the Friendly Junk Journal People Facebook group.

Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial

Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial Video


Supplies Used:
To begin the Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial select two or four book pages. Mine were around 6 x 9 inches in size. Use what ever size you like that will be big enough for the size of pocket you like.

Select two to three colors of acrylic paint that blend together. Apply paint to the book pages using an old gift card or hotel key card. My goal was to obscure the text, so I applied a thick layer of paint. Use the card to smooth out the paint and keep the layers thin. Allow the paint to dry.

If necessary cut down the book page to the width you want. In my case, I wanted the pocket to be no larger than 5.25 inches wide. Make sure to stack the book pages together when cutting so you get both cut to the same size.

Cut the book page that will be the front of your envelope down from the top edge. In my case, I cut the page to be 6.5 inches tall. Save that cut off piece. On the inside top of the back page glue the piece that was cut off. This will decorate the inside flap of the envelope pocket. Allow the glue to dry!!!

Stamp the front page and the top outside of the back page with the Retro Bubble Background using Jet Black Archival ink.

Once the glue is dry from the inside flap, score the flap so that it is slightly taller than the pocket in my case it was just over 6.5 inches tall. Fold flap so that it goes over the front page without crumpling.

Trim the flap to have an envelope appearance if you like. Tip cut one side and use the scrap as a template to cut the other side.

Using the flap as a guide decorate the bottom of the front page. Cheese cloth sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists is very pretty. Yarn fibers are a great way to add texture too.

Sew the cheese cloth and fibers on the pocket. Or you can adhere with glue.

Stitch across the front of the pocket at the top. This will be the top edge inside the envelope pocket. Next layer the back and front of the pocket and sew around the outside edge. This will attach and close the pocket.

Stamp the Octopus and color with watercolor pencils. Watercolor the octopus, tip use the same color as the pocket to color in the white areas around the octopus. Then when the image is cut out if you don’t cut precisely the image will blend with the book page. Adhere Octopus and word on top of cheesecloth and fibers.

Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial

Create a journal card for the inside. In my case I used a gel print that was printed on cardstock. Then I made a Transparent pocket using transparency film. Could use clear packaging instead. Add a Stamped Library card to the journal card pocket and place inside envelope pocket.

To keep the flap closed on the envelope create an altered paperclip. This can also be used to attach the envelope pocket to a journal page.

Don’t want to paint the papers? Create a pocket with just the book pages.

Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial

Have fun creating your own. These would make a great gift or additional storage inside a journal.

Mixed Media Book Page Envelope Pocket Tutorial

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