I’ve decided to challenge myself. There for Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1 is the beginning of a series. The challenge came to me by reading the Take Ten magazine. This is my version of Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly. The concept is the following: Use the same focal stamp to make multiple different projects. This a different point of view. The other part of this challenge was to keep each project under ten minutes to make.. Thus Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly was born.

The stamp I chose is the Butterfly stamp from the Tim Hotlz Collection from Stampers Anonymous. I liked the size and look of this butterfly and knew that it would make great greeting cards.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly

But what was I going to do for my cards? How could I make multiple cards using the same image that have a different look and be under ten minutes? Well I flipped through old magazines and I used Pinterest to help me settle on a few ideas to get me started.

The next thing I did is I went through my paper stash. Recently I was given a rather large stash of paper. A lot of purple paper as it was left over from wedding invitations. The pieces are nice and many are very large, big enough to use for cards.  Making a pile of papers, ink and other supplies I proceeded to get things ready as I knew I wanted to create a video.

Check out what I did below


What are your thoughts on this project Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1? After watching the video and seeing what I did, are you ready to play? Do you have a stamp that you just love, but are wanting to know what other ways you can use the stamp? Then make sure you follow me as I’ll be posting new projects using this same stamp for a few weeks. Let me know what you think of this project and feel free to give ideas of future projects you would love to see. Make sure to comment like and subscribe on my youtube videos. Every time you like, comment and share it helps my videos be seen by more people. So if you like what you see, please make sure to do some clicking. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Now go and create something beautiful.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1