On July 11th, during the live stream, I show Transforming Junk into Junk Journal Elements. Book pages and junk mail were used to create elements to use in junk journals. Grab your acrylic paint, stencils, and stamps and play!

Transforming Junk into Journal Elements

Live YouTube Transforming Junk into Journal Elements Video.

Supplies used for the Transforming Junk into Journal Elements.

Select some junk mail and book pages then apply acrylic paint, stencils and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to make elements to use in your junk journal.

Transforming Junk into Journal Elements

Coat a book page with a then layer of acrylic paint using an old gift card or other tool. Thin layers are best. Remember, paints tend to muddy if mixed wet. Therefore, make sure that you dry each layer so you don’t end up with mud.

When using stencils and stamps with acrylic paint, have a bowl or pan of water to rinse. Acrylic paint can build up and make these tools difficult to use. Take a moment to clean and it will save you a lot of time later.

Transforming Junk into Journal Elements

Here the Large Diamonds Stencil and Flower Tile Stencil were used to create the background on these book pages. Then used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and Shabby Stitches Stamp to create a journal card for this journal page.

Transforming Junk into Journal Elements

By creating a pocket you then have tuck spot for a journal card into by using stamped elements. Used the Circle Stencil, Shabby Stitches Stamp, and the Telephone Rubber Stamp for this journal page. As you can see there is lots of color. Don’t be afraid to use color!

Transforming Junk into Journal Elements

Layer elements with your stencils and rubber stamps, and arrange them so you will have several areas to write on for a junk journal page. If ever in doubt about a layout, take a photo before you glue things down. Because in a photo you can take a step back so to speak and get an idea of how it will look, if something stands out or doesn’t seem to flow, make changes.

Transforming Junk into Journal Elements

Use up that junk mail along with book pages to create your own elements. What elements do you create for your junk journal pages?

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