Here it is, Linda Israel’s Studio Tour 2017. I’ve been asked to share an update on my Studio, or craft space or as Henry says, Linda’s Crap room. lol I decided after taking the following photo that I needed to clean up a bit and that lead to having the room tidy enough to show off the room.

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

As you can see it was piled up pretty high on my desk. Sometimes I get busy and don’t take the time to put things away. I regret this, as I’ll start losing items. I can’t find that one thing I need because I didn’t put it away.

Now that the room is tidy I will share a video. Linda Israel’s Studio Tour 2017.

So do you think I have a large collection of Rubber Stamps and clear stamps? Heck, I even forgot to tell you about the ones on the shelf in binders above my cardstock! I have a lot of stamps! lol

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

The collection began about 25 years ago and my first stamps only fit inside a shoe box. Then I got more and the collection grew. It has been a blessing when friends give me stamps or I find ones I love on discount. 😉

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017 Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017 Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

When my old job was clearing out the mail room and they were going to throw out the old sorting bins I said, I would take them. Thankful that I drove a pickup truck back then as all I had to do was get the units loaded and taken home.

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

The drawers were some of those really cheap three drawer units from Dollar General. I found these were the perfect size for the spaces to hold stamps and other items.

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

Can you see those colorful boxes on the top shelf? Those are envelopes. Each box can hold 250! Need an envelope? I can hook you up! lol

The room is very full. It would be wonderful if I could take a week and pull everything out. Then reorganize things as I have things all over the room that should be grouped together.

Some of my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. I decided a week ago that I wanted to see the bottles and I ran out of room in my drawers! LOL If you didn’t know I love Glimmer Mits. lol

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017 Just a few of the Prima Flowers I own. There are more in a box above these. My goal this past year has been to use up the items like these. I’ve already gotten rid of 5 bottles of flowers this year.

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

To you, this may seem like a random photo but I wanted everyone the collection of Aleene’s Tacky Glue I have going on. How many bottles of glue do you see? lol And do you see my Brother Scan N Cut? Henry found it at a GoodWill for $60.00! This unit was brand new and never used! SCORE!

Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

Here is a view showing a lot of my paper. It is stacked to the ceiling! But I’m doing my best to use it up in my projects. What is it that you have the most of in your creative space? It’s a toss-up between Stamps and Paper for me. 🙂Linda Israel's Studio Tour 2017

We all want to have everything when we see something cool. Think about your purchases, do you love it enough that you want to keep it for the next 20 years? If so then get it and love it from now on. It might save you the headache of emptying a full room!

There are so many things I didn’t share today. I think the video would be a couple hours long if I share it all. LOL  If you are ever in Oklahoma, hit me up, you can have a private tour. 😉

What did you like about seeing Linda Israel’s Studio Tour 2017? Was there something you saw that you wish you could use or try out?

Remember it has taken me a long time and the generosity of my friends and family for me to build this collection. You could start a collection like mine, but it will take time and effort. 🙂

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