Day 19 of #useitupjuly and I’m sharing a Paper Pocket Tutorial. These pockets are perfect for junk journals. One pocket I really like because it holds lots of goodies that can be placed anywhere in a journal and taken out to use the bits.

Paper Pocket Tutorial

Paper Pocket Tutorial Video

Supplies used for the Paper Pocket Tutorial

I’m working on my goal of using it up in July by going through my stash and finding ways to use items.  Each project reduces my stash a little at a time.

The plan for the Paper Pocket Tutorial today was to use brown paper sacks, book pages, transparency and a sewing machine to make pockets.

The size of the pocket is determined by the journal. I measure the page and subtract about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. That is the width of the pocket. The height is usually no more than 4.5 inches. It depends on how large the journal pages are and what will go inside.

The inspiration for the first pocket: one day while playing around with paper, I decided why couldn’t I create a multi-pocket out of one sheet of paper. That is when the three pocket came about. Being able to see bits at different levels in the pockets gives just a little bit of charm to a junk journal. A removable pocket is so much fun!

Paper Pocket Tutorial

The second pocket I made used transparency film that I purchased for a different project but the transparency film didn’t work for that other project. That is when I thought, hey it can be a pocket in a junk journal. And that is how I decided to use transparency film over a stamped piece of kraft paper sack.

Paper Pocket Tutorial

Take a look at those supplies you have and use them. Sure it is fun to go shopping, but after a while, you can have way too many supplies and it can overwhelm you. Don’t be overwhelmed with too many supplies, use it up!

Experiment with your supplies to find new things. If trying something for the first time, use old book pages or scrap paper to make the prototype. Sometimes I like how the prototype turned out with scraps! lol

Have fun creating and Use It Up!

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Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today to see the Paper Pocket Tutorial.