Feb 21, 2019 Live with Linda using Far East Charm Journal Kit. Come to the live video and I’ll show how to use the Calico Collage Digital journal kit Far East Charm to create a journal. There will be prizes too.

For the next 24 hours Calico Collage has the Oriental/Asian themed Digitals on sale for 20% off. check them out on Calico Collages’ Etsy Site.

Live with Linda using Far East Charm Journal Kit

YouTube wasn’t working so the Live with Linda using the Far East Charm Journal Kit was done on Facebook.

Here is a video flip through of the Far East Charm Journals I made.

Remember that I go live on Monday’s at 3:45 pm Central Standard time and Thursdays at 12:30 pm Central Standard time. There are always giveaways, so make sure you come to YouTube and chat so you can enter to win.

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While at the Live with Linda using Far East Charm Journal Kit, feel free to ask question. If I don’t see it at first, just ask again as the chat sometimes moves fast and I may not see it if I’m looking down at my desk creating.

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