January 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric Scraps. In today’s tutorial I’ll show how to use fabric on a journal page. Maybe you have something saved from a loved one or special event. Using the fabric scraps on a journal page is a great way to remember the person or occasion.

January 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric ScrapsJanuary 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric Scraps Tutorial Video


Supplies used for the January 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric Scraps

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January 27 Prompt Use fabric scraps to create something for or on your journal page. Write about a blessing you received recently.

Taking pieces of sari silk fabric scrap pieces from Dust Fairies, Linda shows how she uses them for today’s journal page. There are many different ways you can use your fabric scraps in your journal! 

January 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric Scraps

Adding pieces of sari silk to the journal page, then layering with black card stock Linda created a writing space. Try using up your stash of washi tape for borders or enhancements to your page. You don’t need a lot of glue to adhere fabric, use Aleene’s tacky glue and place small dots around the back of the fabric!

January 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric Scraps

Writing about her recent blessing with her Sharpie pen, Linda shares how she was blessed by a good friend of hers! Sometimes the smallest act of kindness is a wonderful blessing!

January 27th Creative Prompt Use Fabric Scraps

What was your recent blessing?

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