More stamped elements for a junk journal. Today I’m sharing a Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card Tutorial. Using a large rubber stamp, old dictionary page, Fantastix – blending tools, denim and lace with I show how to make a beautiful Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card. Once all the supplies are gathered this project goes super quick.

Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card

Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card Tutorial Video.

Supplies used for the Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card.

To make this 4 x 6 Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card begin with a page out of a dictionary. This was trimmed down to 4 x 6 inches.

Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card

Stamp the Lottie Collage Stamp with Brutus Monroe Detail Ink in the center of the dictionary page.

Use Fantastix – blending tools with Distress Ink, Vintage Photo, Scattered Straw and Surface Ink Rouge by Brutus Monroe to color the image.

Adhere to card base with the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.

Apply Vintage Photo Distress ink around the edges of the card.

Sew lace on the top and bottom of the card with a zig-zag stitch. Include the sides of the card too.

Add the glitter heart on top of the lace on the lower left corner/middle. Apply distress ink – Vintage Photo to the edges of the word – Beautiful. Adhere with the Best Glue Ever, using the No Clog Writing Cap to scrap of denim then on the right of the heart.

Sew around the denim – it gives it a nice detail.

Cut a small piece of eyelash yarn about 1/2 an inch. Apply the Best Glue Ever at the corner of the word and lay the eyelash yarn on top. Add a drop of glue on top of the eyelash yarn. Place two more drops of glue to make a cluster of three dots.

Using the Embellie Gellie, pick up a large flat back rhinestone and put on the drop of glue with the eyelash yarn. Place smaller rhinestones on the other two drops of glue.

Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card

Enjoy the Stamped Lady with Lace Journal Card you just made.

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