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Page Tab Tutorial. Day 4 of 12 days of Junk Journal Gift Ideas. Sometimes you need to mark your place. A Page Tab is a great way to do so in a journal. These little tabs stick out of the journal so you can find your place quickly. Or they could denote a new subject or even dates. Really it is all up to you the owner of the journal so do anything you like with those tabs.

Page Tab Tutorial

Page Tab Tutorial video.

Supplies used for the Page Tab Tutorial.

Page Tab Tutorial

After watching the Page Tab Tutorial video, do you think you have some clever ways to make Page Tabs? What shapes would you use or little embellishments?

Page Tab Tutorial

It was fun using the different punches to get different looks. Eyelash trim or yarn is so much fun to add to these, adding a bit of whimsy.

Page Tab Tutorial

Using this Page Tab Tutorial and create the page tabs out of scraps. A great way to bust that stash and create some fun tabs.

Page Tab Tutorial

Adding a page tab to a journal card adds a little bit of decoration, makes it easier to grab in a deep pocket and is just plain cute!

Page Tab Tutorial

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This series of videos has caused me to think and see how I could do something clever. Seeing the other tutorials is also great because it gives me even more ideas to try.

Page Tab Tutorial

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